Russ Baker Goes In-Depth on the ‘28 Pages’

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russ-baker  In a podcast with radio host Peter Boyles, WhoWhatWhy founder and editor-in-chief Russ Baker assesses the congressional 9/11 inquiry’s suppressed 28 pages dealing with indications of Saudi ties to the alleged hijackers. Listen to the podcast:

Text Transcript:

Peter Boyles:  Russ Baker is with us. His book is Family of Secrets. Russ, it’s a real honor always when you do the radio shows. I want to say that first, and thanks for doing it. Welcome back to Denver.

Russ Baker:  Thank you very much. It’s great to be back.

Peter:  I’d like you to just do a bio. I’m sure there are some people that don’t know who you are, the work you’ve done. And then we’re going to talk about 60 Minutes. So, if you would…

Russ:  Sure. I’m an investigative journalist. Worked on staff and independently on a large number of American and international news organizations around the world and have focused in part on things related to national security…MORE (

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