“An Objective Look at the Collapse of WTC 7” by Tony Szamboti/AE911Truth

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Streamed Live May 8, 2016: In this presentation, Mr. Szamboti will discuss the essential features of WTC 7’s collapse and examine in-depth the ways in which the National Institute of Standards of Technology (NIST) falsified its modeling and analysis to arrive at a seemingly plausible (but impossible) fire-based collapse scenario.

Mr. Szamboti is a mechanical engineer who has published several papers on the WTC destruction, including, most recently, “Some Misunderstandings Related to the WTC Collapse Analysis,” in the peer-reviewed International Journal of Protective Structures.

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  1. EmileCole

    No, I don’t need any of it, and neither does anyone else in order to understand the simple truth…. there’s only one essential long officially and independently empirically verified feature of the destruction of WTC7 needed to clearly expose literally the only people on the planet that could possibly have done it…. gravitational acceleration. I already have a complete irrefutable iron clad prima facie top to bottom empirically verifiable scientific method driven graphical target system analysis and conclusion arrived at by process of elimination that definitively solves the whole thing (WTC7 and all the rest of the events that day) both scientifically and criminally beyond any shadow of a doubt…. all in a single post.

    An empirically forged Excalibur, quenched in an ocean of contemplation, its temper thoroughly tested by the scientific method and stuck fast in the solid stone of Newtons immutable Law of Conservation of Energy of Con ….


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